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- Destruction & Rebirth -

artpocalypse-毀創紀-chinglish wang-王九思.jpg

"Artpocalypse : Destruction & Rebirth" embarks on a daring artistic journey, drawing inspiration from the audacious spirit that defines groundbreaking artistry across centuries and cultures.Trailblazing artists have left an indelible mark by challenging norms and breathing vitality into innovation,serving as catalysts for artistic revolutions.

From the classical beauty of the Renaissance to the avant-garde's experimental frontiers,"Artpocalypse" contemplates a historical truth — innovation is born from the ruins of tradition.In homage to this rich legacy, this exhibition delves into transformative currents, inviting you to step into a realm where artists fearlessly dismantle and reimagine original artworks, redefining the very limits of artistic possibilities.

Discarding conventional art paradigms, this dynamic fusion of creation and deconstruction beckons both artists and audiences to a provocative odyssey of artistic evolution. Resonating with the contagious energy of rebellious creativity, this endeavor blurs the boundaries between art, performance, and celebration.

Immersed in a live painting spectacle where artists collaborate, engaging in the exhilarating act of deconstruction, each stroke liberating transformative power within their works. As the journey unfolds, transformed artworks stand as living testaments to the alchemical process of destruction merging with creation.

Each piece, a tapestry of ideas and emotions, reinterprets the original while weaving entirely new narratives. This interplay of destructive performance and evolved creations underscores the vitality of the artistic process, bridging the gap between ephemeral destruction and the enduring legacy of contemporary art.

Curated by CHiNGLiSH WANG

Submarine Gallery / Taipei, Taiwan


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artpocalypse-毀創紀-chinglish wang-王九思-3
artpocalypse-毀創紀-chinglish wang-王九思-5
artpocalypse-毀創紀-chinglish wang-王九思-8
artpocalypse-毀創紀-chinglish wang-王九思-9
artpocalypse-毀創紀-chinglish wang-王九思-6
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