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“24 XIAO” epitomize what to the ancient Chinese was the most important value of all-namely, caring for one’s parents’ needs. Though the stories, with their tales of sacrifices and bravery, are viewed with more cynicism than admiration, the fact that these acts of supreme selflessness still serve to awe.


In modern times, the same fervency can perhaps find a parallel in the absolute devotion to beauty, fashion and image under the influence of social media. Be they connoisseur or victim, they are giving our forebears a run for their money in their relentless pursuit of “social media” perfection. Imagine then, our tales of filial piety transposed to modern times, adapted to our obsession with the “perfect image.”


The rebirth of devotion, the renewed obsession, while filial piety was their religion, “image perfection” will forever be ours.

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